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New profiles populating with incorrectly

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Good Morning

I have again found that when I create a new profile within System, Data, Profiles, Requests that the Name Separator is populated with the word ZOOM.  ZOOM is a category for us and not a name separator.  Even though I remove the word, it still populates and therefore I have a number of Profiles incorrectly labelled.  Please advise how to remove these permanently.

I await to hear

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Hi @AKetteringham

Thanks for your post.

I see that the Service Manager Build 1471 was updated on your instance yesterday.  This build had a fix regarding some issues with the default values being held in these fields.  I'm not sure of the update took place before or after you posted this.  I would be interested to know if this is still happening.

One thing to look at is possibly to refresh your browser's cache.  Once and a while we do find that the browser cache hasn't been updated following an update.

After clearing your cache, if the word ZOOM is still showing I would put in the Name Separator that you wish to use and save again.  Then come out of this page and back into it to make sure that the saved Name Separator has been stored.


Let us know if this helps.



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