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Showing Connections in the Timeline


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Currently, when a connection is added (either as Impacted or Interested), the request timeline is stamped with an entry per connection. 

Is there a way to turn this off? Some of our requests have a large number of connections, therefore we find this can clog up the timeline. I know that this can be achieved by filtering the timeline, but as we have a large number of Service Manager users I wondered if there was a global setting that I could amend.



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Hi @Lauren

There isn't a setting currently available to turn these off.  I will look to see if we can include a setting to disable these.  This would however restrict you from seeing who added the connections and when.  But when it comes to an audit trail I can see that this may not be important.

I will also ask if there is a way that a default selection can be set for the filters.  Possibly again, a setting that lets you select which filters are applied on the timeline, while still allowing a user to change them if they wish. 



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