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Is it possible to have a branch decision from a selection in a dynamic checkbox list?

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I am currently setting up a BPM / PC to allow us to capture a Customers requirements for access to multiple systems. We have 13 systems that our Customers currently request via paper forms, which I am looking to digitise via a Service / Catalog item. I have set up a script to initially offer a Customer a dynamic checkbox list which calls a Simple List with all the systems listed. However some of these systems will generate further questions if a Customer wants access, so they are not straight forward Yes/No responses, and I have set some decision branches to ask the further questions we need to be able to setup a Customers access correctly.

Is there a method I can utilise to allow me to offer a list of all options, where a Customer can select multiple 'Yes' values, then according to what they select in the list the relevant question would trigger? The PC I have setup is just offering the list at the start of the script, and then none of the sub questions are triggering as expected - the custom expression on the branch decision node just appears to offer actions based on questions offered in the PC, rather than anything which appears to check against the provided Yes/No responses in the Dynamic Checkbox list? 

Many thanks !


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Hi @Adrian Simpkins 

If I got your point I think it's not possible at the moment to make single branch if user picked option A+C+D from list - doesn't matter if is static or dynamic.

But to make sure I understand could you give any specific example? 


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Hi Miro, thanks for the response :)

I have included screen shot of the progessive capture - this only has a few sub questions set so far as i wanted to see if I could trigger the decision branch from the selections in the simple list via a dynamic checkbox before building a complete PC with all sub questions. Ideally I wanted our Customers to be able to just select each system they want from an initial list, then if we require any further system specific information the relevant questions would then trigger if the Customer has selected that system in the dynamic checkbox offered on the Systems Required customised form.

Many thanks


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@Adrian Simpkins Hopefully i understand what you are saying here.

You have a dynamic checklist in the first custom form - this is offered as a checklist something like below.

*  One

*  Two 

* Three

Through to Eleven  

The user can tick one or all eleven and you want to ask questions relating to the ticked options (Systems) in subsequent custom forms?

As the answers to this question are held in a string and there is no way to predict the order in which they will have been ticked, is is possible for you to utilise the Conditional Fields option on a single custom form to achieve this and use the Contains options to evaluate against?

Here is an example i have used:

I have a custom form, with a checklist question, which is using the Change Type Simple List as it's dynamic source (see below)

If no checkboxes are ticked, it shows as such.


In the same custom form, i have hidden conditional fields, which will only display depending on the check boxes ticked to the first question:

1. If i tick Standard - Nothing happens - i.e there are no conditional questions linked to this check box answer



2. I now also select Normal, this now exposes a label (header) and questions relating to the normal check box choice


3. If i also now choose Emergency, i get a label (header) and question relating to the emergency choice as well. 


I am achieving the above my using the Contains option as the condition for the conditional field, so as long as the value is in the string, it will match - regardless of the order in which i choose (tick) the check boxes. 

I am not sure if this would work for you, rather than multiple custom forms based on branching?  I assume you could achieve a similar thing with using the contains option in your custom expression on branching but i have not tested this through, as i prefer the conditional fields on a single form.

Here is some info on the conditional fields on the wiki:  


There is a section at the bottom of this page and a video overview. 

I have also attached the progressive capture flow, for my change example above - if you want to have a look at the specific config in my example:

Hope this helps



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Hi Steven, thank you for the response !

The above method looks like it would hopefully suit our needs so I will have read through and have a go in a PC to see how this functions, and will confirm outcome as soon as possible.

Thank you

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Hi Steven

Thank you that worked perfectly, I thought it was the condition parameter I was setting incorrectly ! The script is now popping up the questions like your example and it is exactly how I wanted it to display.

Many thanks again, much appreciated

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