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Static radioset/static checkbox options


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Is it possible to have a text input option for static radiosets and static checkbox groups on a customised form please? For example, leaving an option blank in the Progressive Capture design, which then allows someone to input an answer when they run through the capture.

We currently have a Business Process that uses the h_summary field to update the summary of a logged request. In the Progressive Capture design, we would like to use static radiosets so that analysts can select the relevant summary; however, if an option does not exist, the analyst could then write in what the summary should be.

For example:
- Printer>Unable to print in colour
- Printer>Unable to print double-sided
- Blank option for analyst to write in a summary

This would be very useful for us as we cannot use the h_summary field twice in a customised form.

Many thanks,

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@Alisha would the following also provide the desired outcome:

The checkbox / radio set has your default list of options:

- Printer>Unable to print in colour
- Printer>Unable to print double-sided


But it also includes an option like 

- Customer Specified

This field is mapped to h_summary, and whatever choice is selected it written to the summary of the request. 

Using the conditional fields available in progressive capture (https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Progressive_Capture_Designer) if the answer to the above was - Customer Specified) it would then expose a single / multiple line field which would be mapped to a custom field on the request (h_custom_a etc).

At the beginning of your BPM you could do a check (Get Request Info followed by a decision) and see if a value exists in the custom field you mapped too.

* If no, then do nothing and continue with the process.

*  If it is you could then use the BPM - Request > Update Request >  Details node

Here you could use the variable picker to inject the custom fields value, and by selecting the Append Text option, this will add the custom field value to the existing summary text (not overwrite it) 

If you did not want the Summary to read - Customer Specified + the contents of the custom field, you could Set Append Text to No and this will overwrite the contents of the mapped value to h_summary i.e the -Customer specified  part and overwrite it with the contents of the custom field. 


You of course can use the form designer to choose not to display the custom field in the details sections, if you didn't want to see it. 

It is a little bit more work granted but would this provide the outcome you are after?

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