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Customer Portal - Login fails after timed out - Invalid session

Martyn Houghton

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If a users is in the customer portal and their session times out due to inactivity, they are returned to the main screen again when returning to the web page. However when they click on Login option to reconnect the Login process will report invalid session, when the correct and same user credentials are entered.


It appears the timeout process does not cleanly browser session out properly and then causes issues when attempting log back in. Closing the browser and opening it a fresh then allows the user to log back in fine. This is causing some users to believe their accounts have been locked or their credentials are no longer correct.

Can this be looked at to allow users to log back in cleanly after a session timeout.




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Hi @sprasad, @Martyn Houghton

Unfortunately, I've not been able to recreate this issue internally so don't know the exact circumstances that are causing it to happen even when a session has timeout. 

However I've added logic into the customer portal login process so that when an invalid session error does occur on the customer portal login page, it will now automatically refresh the session and re-attempts the login, this should happen without the customer noticing and should allow the login to proceed normally and will hopefully solve the problem.

This should be available on live soon and will let you know when its released

Sorry for any inconvenience caused



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