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logRequestBPM - Parameters query

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I am looking to use the 'logRequestBPM' process to spawn BPM process on a number of imported requests (loaded via the Request Import tool) which did not get the BPM spawned due to the connection being lost to our instance.

The text in the general description references the Service ID but the Input Parameters section references the 'defaultBpm' but optional. 

Therefore would I be correct in presuming if we make this call to the api passing only the 'h_pk_reference' the process would pick on the BPM from the Service/Catalog assigned to the request?

If we wanted to be explicit and specify the 'defaultBpm', what id does this use?





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However, you would need to specify the BP for each request you need the process spawned ... I think you have an ongoing support request with us, and the dev team is working to put together a tool that would spawn the missing process... I would say to ask us first if that's the case, saves you some trouble :)

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