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Update request timeline - how to troubleshoot?


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I am trying to update the timeline of a request once I have created a project (using the integration call) but no luck so far :(


(automated task partially visible behind the setup pane)

Update text: "Project has been created successfully. Contact the project manager to get the full details. "


Any ideas on how to troubleshoot what the problem is? I checked the logs but I cannot see anything under warning, error or critical. The BPM does not crash, but the timeline update is not happening. The project does get created however.

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Nevermind. It is working today... Don't understand why, but it works :)


Once I noticed is the name of the project is not applied to the hyperlink. It's like it does not quite pick it up as a hornbill project entity? 

Am I doing something wrong? Or is my expectation at fault?

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