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Project templates - Sort columns required


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I am currently in the painful process of setup up project templates. I say painful because when it comes to tasks, the interface is really not working for me... The fact that dependencies between tasks does nothing from a date calculation point of view is a problem. But the biggest one for me is the lack of ability to sort the tasks by date or Task name!


It makes it very tricky to make sure you have setup your tasks properly... Also a Gantt view here would not go amiss.

Finally, the Task Name being truncated is also extremely annoying... At least put a tooltip to display the full name on hover?


Thanks! (and sorry about the rant)

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@Lyonel thanks for your post. I will ask our development team about sort options and also about truncating the task name.

With regards to dependencies between tasks and the way you set up tasks in project templates - there is active development to improve the experience in both these areas.


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