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Copy/Paste Screenshot during progress capture


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Hi all,

Is it possible to use the copy/paste function for screenshots, rather than having to upload as an attachment?

Most of our staff will know how to hit 'print screen' then copy/paste? Some of our user base refuse to use the portal as uploading screenshots is more cumbersome than simply sending an e-mail where they can paste a screenshot.


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@Steve Giller - Sorry just realised, in the thread title I mentioned 'during progress capture' but not in the main text.

Copy/Pasting screenshots to timeline works fine, but if a customer is logging an issue via the portal as far as I'm aware they can't copy/paste a screenshot during progress capture?

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Guest Paul Alexander

+1 for this request please.....the ability to just paste a screenshot into a Progressive Capture form would be a real bonus for us...



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