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Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander


Is there (or could there be) a personal setting to stop the pop ups when you hover over a request in the request list please? 

This is a little hit and miss at the moment - sometimes the pop up pops up immediately, other times there seems to be a delay on it and it suddenly pops up after you've moved your mouse away, and then it  seems impossible to get rid of!  I don't know what's causing it but it's causing a few of our analysts some grief!


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Hi @Paul Alexander

Depending on the use of Reference within the Request List, one could remove the Reference column.  I personally have removed this column from many of my Views.   For quick access to a request where I have been presented with the Reference ID I use the Ctrl+Shift+f to open the Quick Search to locate and open a request by reference number.  In place off the nice icon that shows the request type, there is another column called Request Type that can be added.

Some users will find that having the Reference visible is a must.  We are discussing options to provide a way to make the popups an option where users can turn it off.




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