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Routing rule to update Incident with external case# not working


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Hi, I'm trying to get Service Manager to route incoming email to update an Incident with an external case#

The supplier sending the email which will contain their case/Ticket# and is added as an Incident. If they send updates with their case/Ticket# in the subject I want Hornbill to amend the existing ticket. So far no luck.

The subject will contain: T20190314.0001  the regex I use is: [A-Z]{1}[0-9]{8}.[0-9]{4}

When I use logOrUpdateIncident it will just create new tickets every time, not amend the existing one.

All other options will leave the email in the INBOX without any action.

Any ideas?

Many thanks, Dave


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@Bluegate thanks for the post

If the supplier is emailing you, are they not able to include your corresponding reference number in the email?  then you could pass update emails to the corresponding ticket in Hornbill, using your reference number.  I believe the reference field above refers to the Hornbill reference number, not looking at the External Ref Field on a request.

See the documentation on this in the wiki: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Email_Routing_Rules

In Hornbill we provide the external ref field so our customers can hold the id for tickets held in systems used by their suppliers etc - this external ref field can then be included in email templates when you are manually or automatically emailing the supplier about the issue - these pass over the id which will be recognised by their system i.e their reference number. 

In the same way when emails are coming in from the supplier it would typically be our reference number we would look for to match and apply the email as an update.

I hope that makes sense?

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