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Image upload not working on LDAP import

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I am try trying to update user profiles on Hornbill and in particular add images to the profiles using LDAP import. I have set the attributes to look to Active Directory [thumbnailPhoto] but this fails to bring across any images. 


I have search for a solution online and noticed that this feature although part of Hornbill user option was not enabled. This was from 2017 is there any update or solution in place for this 



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@Mark Priest

Importing of AD photos is working for us and has done so for some time. Below is the setting extract we are using, but note we are still using the older v2.4.x import utility but this should still work with version v3.x.

        "Enabled": true,
        "UploadType": "AD",
        "InsecureSkipVerify": true,
        "ImageType": "jpg",
        "URI": "[thumbnailPhoto]"



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