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Take off hold appears as Select Sub-Status (incidents only)


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We have noticed this for the past couple of days or so for incidents only, the take off hold appears as Select Sub-Status. It brings up 2 options (with contractor or confirmation from contractor received) - not sure what this means.

Service Requests seem to be fine.


I don't believe any changes have been made to anything our end.


Has anyone else noticed this?


Thanks in advance.

Off Hold - Incidents only.JPG

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@Shamaila.Yousaf as Steve suggests, the statuses can be added globally per request type, or they can be added to specific services, so that they only appear on that request type tickets raised against the service they have been defined against.  So if facilities need this sub-status, if they add it to their services, then only they will see it, not all Incidents globally


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Thanks both, I knew there would be a way.  I have fed back to the Facilities Team, think something was being tested by a colleague of yours when they were liaising with the Facilities Team but ended up disabling this function as it was affecting our services also.


Hopefully they can apply to their own services once they decide to reapply this feature.




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