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Activities: Executive Approvers


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@Shamaila.Yousaf this option is a free text box, as the conditions for the outcome could come from any activity / task which has been defined on your instance.  If you type in the type in the outcome you want to match again this should then display activities where the outcome is the one you have defined. 

If you want a view where no outcome has been provided (yet), you could create a view based on activity status instead i.e not completed, cancelled or expired (Something like that)

Hope that helps 


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@Steven Boardman ok so I did use my initiative previously and manually entered, however; it still did not appear with any results.  Think we made a change to the 'authorisers' during our testing phase so could be due to that.


Will take a look at it in a few days and will revisit this post if required.


Thanks again.



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