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Moving forwards, we will be working with activities (tasks) a little more frequently. However; I'm finding it difficult as to how to manage the activities.

Some appear in the 'My Activity' Section, some appear in the calendar view, some appear in the 'someday' in the board view and then there's a list view....it's all so confusing.

I would have assumed that users would be identified via the bell icon, but i don't believe this is working our end, has anyone else experienced this?


Also, if one creates a view in the activities is there a chance that the views be shared as we can do so in the request list?


Thanks in advance.













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Hi @Shamaila.Yousaf

Thanks for your post. 

There are a number of options for viewing your activities and it may be that one needs to work with the different views to determine which one works best for them.  I find that this may vary depending on the number of activities that you have.

Starting with the Someday.  Both on the Right Hand Panel and on the Board view, anything listed as Someday is something that is not scheduled. It has no start date or due date.  As these are not scheduled, they will not show up on the calendar view.  I will often use this view to find unscheduled activities when I find some free time showing in my calendar in which to schedule them.

Using the Boards View you can actually edit the criteria for the default lists which include Overdue, Today, Tomorrow, Later, and Someday.


This will also determine what is listed under these options when displayed in the Right Hand My Activities Panel.  It might be worth looking at the default criteria on each list to see what it being displayed.

The alerts for Activities do not show under the Bell icon.  These were separated out and are visible on the Right Hand My Activities. This was done some time ago as users were concerned about activity notifications being lost among all the other notifications.


Under your User Profile you can also enable Desktop Notifications for Task Assignments and Reminders.  However there may be some limitation depending on the browser that you are using.  

For those that are working on Service Manager requests, I would suggest using the Right Hand My Activities panel.  This can be expanded so it always shows.   It also creates less clutter than having both activities and requests all in one list.  This is how I work.  It doesn't matter what I'm looking at in Hornbill, I always have quick access to my activities and can see what is overdue, what I need to do today, and tomorrow.  

I hope this helps.  Please let us know if you have any more questions.



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