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Hornbill Request Import - Priority Matching

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@Steve G

I have mapped our Priority ID's in already in our source data in a field of the same name. 


I tried it without any mapping but that did not work. I tried to enter the mapping without double quotes as a number, but that is not valid and it does not work with double quotes.

"PriorityMapping": {
    "External Priority":"Service Manager Priority",

How do I complete the Priority Mapping section to get it to pick the supplied value at, as all the requests are loading as per the default.



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Hi @Martyn Houghton,

This is because the tool is expecting the Service Manager Priority names to be entered in the property values (on the right-hand side of the PriorityMapping properties),  and not the primary keys. I have noticed an enhancement that I need to make to that code though, which I'll include in the next release. I'm going through the other required changes currently, so should hopefully have a new release of this tool out in the next day or so. I'll let you know once released.



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