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Capture Task Fields - getting details from the request

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

I'm trying to set up a task which will need some info already in the ticket, so I'm trying to use the Variable Picker. However, this doesn't seem to be available in the 'capture task fields' settings (although the icon is there). 





Is this by design? Or is something not working? Manually adding the &[global["flowcode"]["customFieldC"]] code (for instance) doesn't work either....



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Hi @Paul Alexander ,

Nothing popping up is a defect.  Will fix that.

The label variable picker is for injecting "task custom field" variable pointers not general bpm wide variables. This is why manually putting in &[global['flowcode']['somevar']] does nothing. There is no way to do this because the task form is client side and the bpm is serverside i.e a task form is not aware of some flowcode variable ref.

So basically the task custom fields work pretty much like the PCF custom forms works, the var picker, once fixed, will allow you to reference other custom fields defined in the task. Not that i know if that is useful at all but it is just something brought over from custom PCF forms.


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