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Problem with an activity

Paul Alexander

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We have aBPM which has a Human Task in it which asks whether some info needs to be changed. 

I've made all of the fields so that they don't need to be filled in, but the tasks won't allow me to complete them unless I DO put something in each box:




I've tried recreating the fields on the form and resaving, but it's still the same. 


Any ideas please?




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Hi @Miro

Hmmm...ok thanks. I thought that NOT selecting the 'This field requires a value to be provided' would mean that the field doesn't NEED any text, but if it DOES have some text then it should be an email address? 

Presumably this means I'm going to need to change the Regex to say that it can either be blank OR an email address? Or is there a way of conditionally showing or hiding the Custom 'Capture Task Fields'?



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I can see that this update HAS now been pushed out to Service Manager - thank you!

However...there is a problem with it.....as I can't now complete a form with dynamic questions unless I set them all to NOT be mandatory regardless of whether they're shown on the form or not. 

For instance: I've set a task field to be shown if the value of a drop down is 'No', and also for that field to require a value if shown:



Although the field DOES show when required, it does NOT require a value for the activity to continue:



I've tried a couple of other iterations where some text IS required IF I select a particular option, but even after adding text, I still CAN'T press the 'continue' button.

I was hoping this would work the same way as the 'override flags' in the PCF did....but it doesn't seem to yet! 








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@Paul Alexander I think I replicated problem, it is allowing to click because when new field is added (it become visible) there is missing evaluation of form status - and as new field is mandatory the form is invalid now. It work only when you modify value of new field.

Let me work on proper fix for it. Will notify you about fix status here.

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