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Defect? - Change to reporting??

Dan Munns

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Hi all, 

Has there been a change to reporting recently? 

Some tables are named as per the database (as I expected), some are using 'user friendly' names (h_itsm_requests only being found as 'Requests' for example) 

I am making a report which should have over 1100 lines (according to the measure I am basing the report from) but I can only get it to show 103 lines. The filters are identical. 

@Victor @Bob Dickinson Any ideas?? 

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I just used the h_itsm_requests table and had columns for priority, request type, team names, date logged and ref numbers. 

Shows over 1100 tickets logged that month on the measure set the same way but only 25 or so on the report. 

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