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Routing Rule

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Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone

The Routing Rules are processed in order, so this should be as straightforward as having the above rule in position #1 and the auto-reply rule in position #2

From the wiki:

  • Ordering
Once more than one rule has been created, the order of the rules can be changed by using the up and down arrows located on the right side of each rule. When an email is received, the routing rules will be processed in the order that they are listed, starting at rule 1. If a rule doesn't match it will then check the next rule. If no rules match the email will simply reside in the Inbox.


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On 3/1/2019 at 2:38 PM, Giuseppe Iannacone said:

we would like to introduce an auto-reply message for each email received on the service mananager mailbox

No possible in Hornbill but perhaps the software on your mail server can provide this functionality... not sure if it can comply with "except to the one automatically processed by the current rule" though

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