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Wrong Catalog Item showing in Portal

Paul Alexander

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I've noticed a couple of requests which, as a customer, if I open them up in the Portal, the Catalog Item name is wrong?

When I look in Service Manager (live) the Catalog item is correct:



But in the portal it's showing as something else:




Any ideas why this is please? Everything seems to work ok, it's just showing the wrong info!




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Hi @Paul Alexander

we are trying to replicate this issue  with no success.

Is that a newly created service/catalog or an existing one ?
Is the language in the user app the same as in the portal ?
Have the services/catalogs been created with default en-GB language or other languages?
Have the requests been logged from the user app or the portal, or both ?

If you could answer to any of these questions, or give us any extra info to help us replicating the issue, it would be great.

Thank you


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Hi @ArmandoDM

In answer to your questions; 

  • It is a newly created catalog for an existing service. 
  • All language settings have been left as the default for both the user app and the portal.
  • I've tried logging requests through the user app AND the portal, and in both cases, when you view the request in the portal the Catalog is showing as the wrong one (the SAME wrong one in all cases)

Sorry....I really don't know what else I can tell you about it!




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