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Email 'someone' if less than 3 stars feedback given?

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

The notification settings for when some feedback is left on a ticket is now working great, thank you. 

I have been asked though if there is a way to have an email sent to 'someone' if feedback of less than 3 stars (or whatever setting we choose) is left. We'd like this email to be sent to the team manager (who is NOT necessarily a Service Manager user). 

If feedback has been left which is positive, then we don't need this notification to be sent. 

Is this currently possible, or could it be made possible please?



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@Paul Alexander currently there is no way to fire an email based on a customer star rating, but it is a nice idea.

in the meantime you could try the following:

* Daily scheduled reports to managers which includes closed requests which have feedback and ratings under x

* Dashboards which show the above (obviously not targeted to individual manager's) - there is an example in the sandbox of this type of widget - you can login to view at admin.hornbill.com/demo as grahamc and H0rnbill - look at the Feedback Dashboard under advanced analytics, this will also help to know where to build a report from if you wanted to distribute this to managers on a daily / weekly basis as well. 


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