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BPM Human Task - Lifespan based on variable

Foley Coker

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Currently having an issue with the lifespan setting discontinuing the custom field 21 variable in the expiry field. This seems to accept the setting when saving, but every time it is saved and you re enter the BPM the setting appears blank. I am using the global input for custom field 21 rather than the specific form field, as there are different form routes from the pro cap that use this field and converge on this point of the human task. I believe the fact it is not retaining the information is why the process in practice is not working, as the human task does not expire based on the date/time of the custom field. Has anybody got any advise? 


Many thanks.

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Hi @Foley Coker i seem to be able to replicate this.  I have asked the team to take a look at the issue, and we'll feedback.

Just checking that in your business process you are also using a Request > Get Request Information > Request Details before this task node, so the value in the custom field can be picked up and passed into the task expiry field?

Unfortunately even if the above is set, i am seeing the same issue as you report but i wanted to ensure this is in place as it will be needed once we get to the bottom of the above issue.


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@Foley Coker yep the issue still needs to be looked at our end, i was just checking you had a get request info in your process, as without it, the task would not be able to pick up the variable at all.  What we are looking at is why if the variable is defined why it is not coming through as expected, we'll update....


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@Foley Coker the issue has now been fixed.  It has been released to our BETA stream and will be pushed as an update to live later this week. 

I have tested this on Beta as follows


The Variable in the expires now persists and results in the business process task, inheriting the variable (in my example from a progressive capture question).


Look out for the admin console update which should be available later this week.

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