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Requirement: Milestones

Tom Gilbert

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Hi @AlexTumber

Another requirement for your attention.


Area of Hornbill: Project Manager
Requirement: Milestones

Is it possible for a set of standard milestones to be in place upon project creation? Milestones in question are:

- Procurement - Supplier Selected
- Procurement - Contract Signed
- High Level Business Requirements Approved
- Project Brief Approved
- Technical Design Authority Approved
- Detailed Business Requirements Approved
- Project Initiation Document Approved
- Solution Design Approved
- Test Plan/Scripts/Resource Approved
- Business Readiness Completed
- Build Completed
- Test Completed
- Go/No Go Decision
- Project Closed



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@AlexTumber Is there a way of creating milestones in project templates and not having to enter a timeline? Ideally we'd like a set of ~10 milestones within the template which the Project Manager could update with dates when creating a new project. Currently you need to specify a number of days after milestone creation for when the milestone is due...

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4 hours ago, AlexTumber said:

@Tom Gilbert just so I understand this correctly - you'd like to be able to template milestones without set due dates? (Presumably you'd just add the due date to the milestone once the project has been created and is running)


That's right Alex. You'd have a bunch of standard milestones which could be updated by a PM once the project is created.

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