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Report for Service by request type by ticket status


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Hi Team,

I'm working on a report where Managers want to know the following information:

How many incidents/Service Requests/Change Requests were logged/resolved/are outstanding for each service?

Something like the following:


Or anything similar that can answer the question.

As far as I'm aware, it wouldn't be possible to do using Standard Reports, but I wanted to confirm (It has to be Standard Reports so that we can publish to a library.)

The only way I can think to do this is to have multiple reports

A report that displays all services for a particular Request Type and a particular Ticket Status


But of course this would require a good number of reports

The other idea I had was to get the data that is required, publish it and then the end user would have to put it into a Pivot Table. This isn't ideal as the Managers want to be able to just view it without having to learn and understand how Pivot Tables work

Hoping you might have some ideas...


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Hi @mojahidm

Unfortunately you are correct - we don't currently have the option to create reports that have multiple grouping options such as the above - it would likely be 3 individual reports, one each for Logged, Resolved and Outstanding. 

There may be a way to represent this as a widget (using SQL in the Custom Widget option) but this would not be available to be scheduled/sent out/generated into a CSV style format. 

I will enquire if anything more can be done to combine groups of data such as above, but I am not aware of any immediate plans at present. An integration with something like Power BI may be the best option in the very short term (if multiple reports are not feasible).

Kind Regards


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If you query the database through SQL try the following:

SELECT h_fk_servicename, h_requesttype,
COUNT(*) AS 'Logged',
SUM(CASE WHEN h_dateresolved is not null THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS 'Resolved',
SUM(CASE WHEN h_dateresolved is null THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS 'Outstanding'
FROM h_itsm_requests
WHERE h_datelogged between '{STARTDATE HERE}' AND '{ENDDATE HERE}'
AND h_status <> ' status.cancelled'
GROUP BY h_fk_servicename, h_requesttype
order by h_fk_servicename, h_requesttype

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