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Show Excel charts in Widget


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Is it possible to show an Excel chart in a Widget, i.e. by linking to the spreadsheet or even just showing an image of the chart?

 SomeSomething like this may have appeared in the forum before but I am unable to find anything related to this.

Thanks in advance


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Hi @TomW i have never tried with excel, but you could have a look at the Custom widget type if you are referring to the Advanced Analytics widgets and dashboards

You can insert a URL to display an image, iframe or div, so if the content is accessible externally you could give this a go?

Below is an example of a Microsoft PowerBi Chart being displayed in a widget iframe


Just out of interest what are you looking to display and to what audience?



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Thanks for your reply Steven. I am looking at ways to show KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) which are calculated from Metrics. Some of the figures that I use to get the metrics are gleamed from SupportWorks and some from elsewhere e.g. changes to virtual machines. Some of this information can't be gathered from SupportWorks as they are from outside the system. At the moment I am using Excel to store some of the metrics and then calculate the KPIs from the metrics and show the information on a chart.

PowerBi is something that I am considering using, but since some of the KPIs are obtained through Service Manager in SupportWorks and shown in Widgets on a dashboard, it would be nice to just copy a chart from Excel and show it in a widget on the same dashboard so everything is in one place without having to invest extra time in using another system like PowerBi.

I figured I should just ask before diving down the PowerBi route.

In reply to your question, the audience in this instance our team and department (IT) as we can use the KPIs to see what needs to be improved as part of CI (Continuous Improvement), very ITIL!

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