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Number of levels - category reporting

Dan Munns

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Can we have an option when h_category is selected as a group by to limit the levels? 

I have a measure that shows all incident requests logged and a saved field is h_category so that I can create a chart to show the amount of each type of incident. 

The issue is we have so many categories due to the amount of teams it makes the report chart next to useless. 

I would like to be able to filter the categories to only show the first two levels at most but currently am unable to do this. 


As you can see the amount of categories is a little on the large side. This is filtered down to only show the IT teams at the moment (about 12 teams)

(Also, have a guess at what category is the green one...) 


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@Victor I was thinking of being able to set the max level. So either just the top level, down two levels etc. 

The issue I have is the our categories are like this:

Incident > Software > Microsoft > Outlook

Now, I might care that we have x number of Outlook issues per month, but ExCo don't really need that level of detail and x number of software issues would be fine for them. 

To be able to limit the levels to x tiers deep per report would be very useful. 

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