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Expanded Details/Questions settings

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander


I know there is a setting to expand the Details section of a request by default, but this is a global setting.



Is there any chance that this could be made a 'personal' setting please? We've got some people who DO think that would useful, but some who don't! 

Also, could the Questions tab be included - so people have the option of having the Questions expanded by default?




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Hi @Paul Alexander the personalisation should be there right now for each user, just not through system settings. 

In each section there is a Pin option.  If a user selects the pin, on say the details and or the question section, then this will persist when they open up any other request.  So in effect they can personalise what is expanded or not by using the pin. 


Users can then of course Unpin any section if they don't want it open by default any longer

Hope that makes sense


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