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New On Hold time calculation


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Hi @Keith

As always this is somewhat complicated to explain so if the following is not clear then don't hesitate to ask further questions...

Until now, when changing a service level on a request, the new target times have been recalculated as:

* Original Target Start Time + new SL duration (applied according to the associated working time calendar)

However, we have never taken into account any working time spent on hold, so you could end up in the following scenario:

SL1 Resolution Duration = 1 Hour
SL2 Resolution Duration = 4 Hours

SL1 Request Raised and Target Started: 9am - Target is 10am
SL1 Request Placed on Hold: 9:10am Until 2pm
SL1 Request Off-hold @ 2pm: New target is 2:50pm

At this point (2:50pm) the SL is deemed incorrect and should be downgraded to SL2

SL2 is Applied to Request: New target is 1pm (9am + 4 Hours Duration) [Target is already missed despite being lengthened]

The effect of this new setting being enabled is to handle situations as above, so with the setting on we will now see the calculation as:

SL2 is Applied to Request: New target is 5:50pm (9am + 4 Hours 50 mins (on hold) + 4 Hours Duration)

If you want to revert back to the previous method of operation then changing the setting will revert you back to the original calculation method.

Kind Regards,


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Hi David,

Thanks for the explanation. I can see why its difficult to explain :)

However, surprisingly, I get it. This seems like a great change, though in all honesty, I don't think it's been an issue of us. 

Really appreciate the explanation.







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