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Update Request > Details Node - does not trigger update in portal

Martyn Houghton

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We have a number of services where we have prescriptive progressive capture forms which capture the required information and then we use the Update Request > Details node to insert these with a template into the standard Summary and Description field in a standard format.

When this the node is called in the BPM to do this, a refresh to the values displayed on the Portal is not triggered, so the Summary and Description fields are empty until the customer manually refreshes or an other event triggers the refresh of the request.

Can the node trigger a refresh of any sessions with the request open?



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@Martyn Houghton the portals can already show updates in real time but it's the timeline of the Request that is the trigger. You just need to make sure that a timeline is added for the change of Summary and Description and that the update itself is available to the customer.


If your default visibility is something higher than Customer (Team/Owner) then you can manually configure it here too.

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