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Authorisation Node


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Hi @chriscorcoran in this scenario you would not use the usual approval node but instead you would use the following:

Request > Suspend > Wait for list of request authorisers  


followed by Auto-Assign Authorisation node


This order will present the option to add approvers in a list on the request, you can have it auto add people like the service / ci owner or owners of services linked to the request through this nodes config options, but you can manually review (add / remove these) and add your own approvers as you see fit. 

and then the auto-approval node will use those approvers to create the approval tasks.

Not forgetting you also have the option to define the approvers based on members of a group or those who carry a specific role - in this case you can use the following node: 

Hornbill Collaboration > Application > Utility 

* Get Authorisers by Group

* Get Authorisers by Role


This approach would not pause the process and wait for approvers but it would allow approvers to be added based on those users carrying the specific role or membership to a group of your choosing.  This way moving forward you would not need to amend each process when approvers change, you could just manage the roles and groups users are members of

Again this would then also need the Auto Approval node to follow it. 

Anyway Hope that helps



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@chriscorcoran just before the authorisation node, the technical Approver on your process, the request will have suspended waiting for approvers to be provided to the Technical Approvers node.  If you can't get it working you can send me the process in preparation for our next Process Review Session, which I think is Change and release anyway.

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