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Is there an easy way for analysts to search for requests they updated (not logged) yesterday or for a certain time frame? Analysts answer several calls a day and won't always remember the customer details. Searching on timeline keywords could potentially bring back many results.

It would be helpful if we could have 'Last Updated By' as one of the Conditions in Create New View. This can then be used with 'Last Updated Date' to search for specific requests when other information is not known.

Many thanks,

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Hi @Alisha

I'm not sure if having the 'Last Updated By' would help with your initial requirement for an analyst being able to search for requests they have updated over a certain time frame.  A 'Last Updated By' field would be continually written over by whoever made the last update resulting in these requests not showing in a search result. 

I do think that being able to quickly access a list of requests that one has updated today, yesterday, this week would be useful.  This would need to look at the Timeline entries for that selected time frame.  

Now... There is an existing feature that might give them what they need.   This is the History option.  The History keeps track of the different places you visit within Hornbill.  In the example below you can see that I have typed in IN000 to narrow down the list to show just Incidents.  What I may need to confirm is how much History is stored to determine if this would hold enough info to see if it would be suitable for what you are looking for.


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