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Adding new form section to the call record


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Not sure if this is possible already.

I have been in the process of setting up change in our environment and it would be great if we could add new sections on to the call record, like the ones we have already for customer details, call details, attachments and timeline, for things like assessment details, back-out plan, review details etc. It just makes the form easier for the authoriser to review each section rather than activities and updates to a call. Many other systems I have done change through have been a form, splitting out each section of the change process. Is this something that is easy to do? I think change is fairly standard across many organisations so would benefit a lot of people.





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Hi @chriscorcoran

If you use the Design option within the Detail section there are a number of fields that have already been created and available for use.  These can simply be made visible.


Using a bit of wiki markup can also add a lot to how this looks.  Things like putting a title using the == <Title> == option or the ---- to create a line break.  



Some more info on the wiki markup can be found here

Let us know if you think some of these might help.  




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