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Icons in Board Manager

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I've noticed that some users who are listed as having access to a particular board don't have an icon displaying their initial:


Having checked this, it seems this is the case on numerous boards but for different users. As an example, "Brian" above displays on one board with an icon saying "B", but others without. He has the same permission of just "View" to both boards. This is the same on the permissions list, as well as the icons on each card on the boards.

Interestingly enough, one of my colleagues (who has the exact same roles in Board Manager, as well as the same permissions to the boards I have) sees the "B" on the board above where I don't.

I know this doesn't affect their access, and seems to be just an aesthetic issue - are you able to confirm why?


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Make sure you've updated to the latest version of Boardmanager as an issue was fixed recently where the icon letter was not displayed  
However for performance reasons the icons are also cached when the board is shared, so if the profile image is changed after the board has been shared it can lead to the image not being displayed, unless the board is reshared, so that could also be the problem.  Hopefully we will be able to provide a fix for that soon.


Trevor Harris


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