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In Service Manager -> Settings the value webapp.view.ITSM.requestTimeline.orderBy is set to mostRecentlyCommented which we understand should display the timeline post which has been most recently commented on at the top.

We find that not be the case and in several instances have seen customers comment to a timeline update way back, which is the missed because the comment is far down on the screen.

We tested setting sort to mostRecentlyPosted but can not see any difference.

Can someone please sort this out for me? (pun intended)

Is there a way to display the most recent comment or timeline update at the top.

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Thanks for your post.

We are looking into it.  At the moment it looks like the option is persistent to the selection that the user has made here.


The setting may only be applying the default for when a user first views a request.  Provided that you select ''Most recently updated" on the option above, this should remain in place for you.



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Thanks @James Ainsworth

It doesn't ssem to work in our instance. In https://admin.hornbill.com/axiell/settings/application/com.hornbill.servicemanager the webapp.view.ITSM.requestTimeline.orderBy is set to mostRecentlyCommented but timeline sorts by most recently posted unless analyst manually changes this in each ticket. Can this be fixed by a BPM-node until a more permanent fix is in place?



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I've investigated this further and to fix this we require a fix to both the activity stream component and to the service manager app.  The component change has been made and I am just waiting for this to be released to me so that I can confirm that the fixes to the application have worked.  I'll raise a problem record for this internally to track this and we'll get the fix in as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,


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