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Jobs re-opening themselves and sending emails to customers


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We have some requests the keep reopening themselves and emailing the analysts and the customer the resolution details over and over again (see below)


The only way to stop this is to 'close' the request but this is supposed to be happening automatically, I have included our ending stage of the BPM below:


The only difference between ours and the one that Hornbill has is that you have an expiry out of the suspend from the last decision, before we try adding this in we are wondering if the above should work?

This issue only affects a certain number of our requests and we cannot find any pattens yet. Any help is appreciated....

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@Jeremy - let's have a look at this via the ongoing private conversation we have... I suspect this is due to what variables and flowcodes are used in the decision expressions, I have seen some misconfigurations lately in various instances leading to the same behavior... PM me the request reference and I will have a look

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