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Reporting on Custom Fields in "Details" of Requests


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We've utilised "relatedEntityData.record.h_custom_l" in our incident details form as a way of identifying whether an incident has warranted a call-out of an IT engineer or not:



It shows as a simple check-box for the IT engineer to check if they've been called out by the business.

I need to be able to report on this, but cannot locate the table in which the custom fields available in the "Details" form are stored.

Are you able to help, please?



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Hi @Lauren these should all be in the h_itsm_requests table - you can use the database entity viewer in the admin tool to double check.  There are other extended tables which these are also written too but they should be in the primary requests table.

They will also be in the h_itsm_incidents in this occasion as well as the h_sm_requests_extended table, (sorry for any confusion, this is more of a legacy thing)



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