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Raising requests from email with attachments

James Bartle

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When we used to raise requests from email it would automatically add any attached files to the call. (This is going back quite some time now)

But now we are only able to attach files to the request by either applying an email to an existing request or by applying files that we have downloaded.

Is there a setting that we can change so that it will attach files when raising requests again or is this no longer possible?


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hi @James Bartle when you say raising requests from email, do you mean manually reviewing the email and the Raise Request or using the email routing rules and automatically raising a request when an email comes in and conditions are met?

If it is the manual option, when you click Raise Request it will take you into progressive capture, and you will need to have Attachment progressive capture form somewhere in your flow. If you do then attachments to the email will automatically be added to the new request.  It will also afford you the oppurtunity to remove any attachments (from the right handside) which you may not want to add to the new request perhaps attachments in the signature. 


hope this helps


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Something that might also help is a requirement that we are currently working on which will allow you to define a unique Progressive Capture script when the Raise Request from email plug-in is used from the mailbox.  This way you can specify items in your Progressive Capture script as described above as the information you need to collect from an email may be different from whey you are raising a request with someone on the phone. This should be available in about 4 weeks time.


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