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As an Analyst/Team I would like a notification when a customer has provided feedback on my Request

Paul Alexander

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@Paul Alexander it should work as follows:

* New Requests logged since taking the update and feedback is left - Yes

* Old requests logged prior to the update being taken, but  requests were not waiting for feedback, at the time of taking the update but subsequently progressed to requesting feedback, and the feedback is provided - Yes

* Old requests logged prior to the update being taken and already in an awaiting for feedback stats - No

The last scenario will not fire notifications as the events we use to tie these actions to will already have been invoked prior to this capability being released in the last update. 

Could you confirm if this is working for the other scenarios for you?


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HI @Steven Boardman

I've tried creating a request and assigning it to me, then after resolving it, I go to the Portal to say 'it's working'. At that point I am leaving feedback, but I'm still not getting any notification about this (either by email OR via a Hornbill notification). 

I've checked the settings and it's set to Both.



Sorry....doesn't seem to be working for me! 



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@Paul Alexander ok so looks like it is trying to send the emails, also on an aside if you were viewing the request in Hornbill when the hornbill notification was sent perhaps it auto dismissed, so maybe check the dismissed notifications to see if these did in fact fire?

On the email front, i'll mention @Victor here as he maybe better placed to get to the bottom of these for you, but maybe check the following post to see if this is similar to your issue?


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@Paul Alexander as with any notifications within Hornbill, one cannot send and/or receive notifications to self.

As you said, the request you tested was raised by you, so I imagine you were the customer on that request (since you can access it on the portal and resolve it), and it was also assigned to you (by you I meany you user)... if this is correct then there will be no notification.

Try testing this with a colleague...

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