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The specified user 'SYS_BPM_MANAGER' does not exist


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Hi, I have this error message coming up in a process (TEST HRA Honorarium Process (NEW) BSO selects HoS) when its supposed to move to  human task. I've never seen this before.  The User in the h/t is System Administrator so I don't know where its getting specified user 'SYS_BPM_MANAGER' from? Any pointers as to what this might be please?  I'm sure i've tested this process before and it didn't error? 





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  • Victor changed the title to The specified user 'SYS_BPM_MANAGER' does not exist

@SJEaton - ok, so, the request did indeed have an owner by the time the human task is created but the process does not actually know about this...

In your process, you have a "Get Request Details" node which populates values for flowcode variables such as "ownerId". You have this node in the beginning, and because at that time, the request did not have an owner, the "ownerId" variable did not have a value... and still does not. What you would need to do, is to have another "Get Request Details" node before the task is created, to refresh the values for the flowcode variables. Because the request was since then assigned an owner, refreshing the flowcode variables will ensure the value for "ownerId" variable gets populated with the request owner Id.

During a process lifetime, the values for flowcode variables do not refresh automatically. If in your process you have tasks or decisions or anything else using flowcode variables, if there is a chance that the value for any of these variables changed since the last "Get Request Details" node, then put another one of these nodes before it to ensure the flowcode has up to date values for its variables.

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