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Requirement: Costs/Financials

Dan Munns

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Hi @AlexTumber,

One more for you....


- Creation of a specific Budget section under Financials. Here we would like a dialogue box to enter the following pieces of information:
Budget Type (choice of either Business Case or Change Request)
Budget Approval Date (date field)
Cost Category (drop down list, content tbc)
Cost Type (CAPEX or OPEX choice)
Attachments enabled

- Under the Project Details section of Project Manager there is a Project Budget field. We would like this field to be a sum of the budget detailed under the Budget section of the Financials area.

- Project Costs
Ultimately, we need the ability to forecast costs and note when actuals have hit by month. Proposed field list for the existing 'Project Cost' dialogue box:

Forecast Amount (£ field)
Forecast Date (date field at mmm/yyyy level)
Actual Amount (£ field)
Actual Date (date field at mmm/yyyy level)
Cost Type (CAPEX or OPEX choice)
Programme (select a Programme to enable roll up of costs across multiple projects)
Description of Cost (already exists)
Cost Category (drop down list, content tbc)


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