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Failed to send message error when sending email from requests


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For the past few days now we are receiving an error when sending emails detailed in the picture attached. The email we think are being sent to the recipient however the email is not updating onto the timeline of the log. This is now happening on a daily/hourly basis and I have no idea how to resolve this issue. Can this please be looked into?



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  • Victor changed the title to Failed to send message error when sending email from requests

@stuartmclennan - upon reviewing the event logs from your instance, I can tell you the issue occurs because the business process used to create the workflow for this request no longer exists.

The error message is not very descriptive in this regard, and you would receive an error regardless of the action taken on this request. Any request that has a workflow requires the original workflow or business process configuration to exist in the system as long as the request workflow is active. We recently introduced additional checks to ensure this (deleting or renaming) of an active process does not happen. 

To fix this issue you would need to recreate the process on which the workflow is based. Luckily you don't need the whole configuration so a process that has a simple Start-End is sufficient. The process you would need to create needs to be named as "GSA Incident - Trial". You would need to keep this process in your system as long as there are requests, active requests, that are using the process. 

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