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Requirement: Assumptions

Dan Munns

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Hi @AlexTumber

One more.....


We need to create a record type (similar to Risks) in the Project Manager area of Hornbill to include the following fields:

Status: Open/Closed (choice for the PM to select)
Created Date (generated out of system)
Title (single line text field)
Description (free text field)
Review Date (date field)
Owner (person lookup)


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@Tom Gilbert you'll be pleased to know we are almost ready to push out the next project manager update. This is currently planned for tomorrow. With this update, there are various improvements and fixes, along with Project Assumptions. Project Issues will be the main focus of the release after that, followed by Project Dependencies to complete the RAID functionality.

Here is a screenshot of what you can expect:



Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 16.29.35.png

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