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Changes to Risks

Dan Munns

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Hi @AlexTumber

Another one....


We need to expand the existing capability of the Risk area of Project Manager to include the following fields:

Status: Open/Closed (choice for the PM to select)
Created Date (generated out of system)
Title (already exists)
Affected Tolerances - Time, Cost, Quality & Benefits (tick boxes)
Risk Category – (drop down list, content tbc)
Info Security Risk (tick box)
Description (already exists)
Risk Impact (free text field)
Probability Score (already exists but needs to be adjusted to a score of 1-5)
Impact Score (already exists but needs to be adjusted to a score of 1-5)
Overall Risk Score (Probability x Impact as number. Auto calculated by the system)
Risk Action (drop down list, content tbc)
Planned Controls (free text field)
Implemented Controls (free text field)
Review Date (date field)
Comments (free text field)
Owner (person lookup)



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Hi @AlexTumber

Firstly, thanks for releasing the RAID functionality in Project Manager. I'll drop some comments on the individual topics in this forum.

Just wondered if you had chance to review the requirements above re: Risk field updates/changes? And if there is a timeframe for these changes?

Cheers, Tom

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@AlexTumber Similar to the Issues form; we can't add or amend fields in the Risk form:

  • Adjust ‘Status’ to Open or Closed
  • Add ‘Risk Category’ drop down field: Assumptions & Constraints, Regulation or Market Factors, Funding, Project Management, Project Size/Complexity, Requirements, Scope or Planning, Stakeholders, Technology, Vendors & Suppliers
  • Add ‘Affected Tolerances’ drop down field: Time, Cost, Quality, Benefits
  • Add ‘Info Security Risk’ tick box field
  • Add ‘Risk Impact’ free text field
  • Add ‘Risk Action’ drop down list: Transfer, Avoid, Reduce, Accept, Share, Exploit, Enhance, Reject
  • Add ‘Planned Controls’ free text field
  • Add ‘Implemented Controls’ free text field
  • Add ‘Owner’ as a person lookup
  • Add ‘Review Date’ as a date field

 Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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