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Sub-Status Update Notifications


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Since taking build 1401 email update notifications have been sent to the analyst when a sub-status changes on a request assigned to a support team they are part of. I have checked the setting and this appears to be disabled but the emails are still being sent. Does anyone else have this issue? I cannot see that this is resolved in the list of fixes for 1408. image.png.b6222fd980d95cfffea971999f497f54.png

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@Stephen.whittle following the request example you provided on the support request you raised yesterday, I had a look and see why you and your team are receiving the sub-staus change emails despite you having the settings turned off.

There is a simple misunderstanding here, something the Hornbill might have caused. You see, the "sub-status change" emails are not actually emails triggered and related to a sub-status change. These emails( as the one you and your team received on 12/02 at 11:37 from SR*55590) are notification emails regarding a customer update made or provided via the portal (if you check the request you will see that customer provided an update at that time via comment).

Why these notifications come as sub-status updates? The reason lays with the email template used to send notifications to the team when the customer provides an update to a request via portals: TeamCustomerUpdateRequestNotification. You look at this email template you will notice the subject is: "Request ... has an updated Sub-status". So, you see, the notification is not actually a sub-status notification, but a notification of a customer providing an update but the template used implies it is a sub-status change. Since these are default templates, I'll have a chat with dev team to see what needs to be done as it seems all these new templates seem to be using the same "sub-status change" subject which will definitely cause confusion (as it did in your case). For the time being, for your instance, I would suggest amending the TeamCustomerUpdateRequestNotification template and change the subject used to reflect the actual notification.

Hope this explains all of this, happy to explain this in more detail if needed here or via the support requets you raised. About this, is a very good idea that you raised a support request, is one of the prerogatives of having a Success Plan: the option to expedite an answer to a forum thread :) 

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