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Requests logged under the wrong service


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We've come across some requests that have been logged under the wrong service. To give some context, we have our departments as services - IT Services, Facilities etc. One request that we had logged recently to Facilities was relating to power, but actually it was something that required IT intervention to resolve.

We've come up with a few solutions around this, including:

- Adding members of Facilities' and IT Service's Service Desks as supporting members of the other service (to be able to re-assign)

- Amending wording on our progressive captures to advise customers of the correct way of logging

We need advice on the best way to deal with these. Sometimes it isn't obvious to the customers which department their query/fault should be logged under, so educating our customers isn't always the easiest option.

If there are any organisations that have a similar issue, we'd like to know how you deal with these situations. Similarly, any Hornbill gurus who have an idea, please do share!




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Hi @Lauren,

We had similar issues (and still do to an extent), for us the main solutions were pretty much what you've suggested.

As an alternative you could try creating another general Service that's visible to both of your departments. When a ticket is identified as being with the wrong department, create a 'Linked' ticket using the new service. The process for that one could be to mimic the Summary, Description etc. of the original call and then each department should be able to assign it to the other without needing to be granted full visibility over all tickets in each other's queue.

This is only a thought though, we haven't tried it ourselves.

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