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Filter by Asset type in Progressive Capture

Paul Alexander

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Is there a way in the Progressive Capture of filtering the TYPE of asset which is listed?

For instance, we have a type of asset called a 'Brocade Switch'. For particular types of calls, a Brocade Switch is the only type of asset we are interested in.....and we'd like this asset to actually be linked to the call (so the 'data query' option isn't going to work here I don't think)

Is there a way of using the 'Asset details' form in the Progressive Capture to JUST show these types of assets, so that we can be relatively sure that the right asset is being added at the call logging stage? 

If not, could this be considered as a  feature request please?



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Hi @Paul Alexander

One of the things that we are looking to introduce is a new option on the Progressive Capture Asset Form that provides an "Advanced Search".  The Progressive Capture Asset Form is already split into different tabs that cater for different ways of providing simple lists of assets based on relationships such as "which assets are on my site".  We will look to add a new tab that has a way of building up some criteria, a bit like the Advanced Search on the Request List.  We also plan on making the different tabs on the Progressive Capture Asset Form configurable, as in you can select which ones you want to show.

This hasn't reached our development queue yet and it not scheduled, but we are hoping to see this move forward.  



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Hi @James Ainsworth and @ArmandoDM

thanks for the replies.....

@ArmandoDM - I have looked at the customised form, but as far as I can see, when you use this form in a Progressive Capture it doesn't actually attach the selected asset to the request? Unless I'm missing something of course!  If this COULD add the actual asset I think this would suit our purposes.

@James Ainsworth - the advanced search on the asset form would also be handy. Could you add me to the 'watchlist' for this option please?




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Hi @James AinsworthAinsworth,

I have made a PCF that uses these new features, however I ran into the issue where I couldn't specify multiple Asset Types.

For example under the software class, we have the following types:

  • business critical applications 
  • business important applications
  • business applications

Unfortunately because I couldn't return all of these under a single PCF form I had to make all the business applications types use the same asset record state (Asset Status) and all other software types a different one.

Please could I request the ability to be able to select multiple Asset Types?



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