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Users unable to raise or update any request. Please read!

Patrick Walker

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We are unable to raise or update any request since Friday evening at approximately 5:30pm P.S.T.

Anyone else having the issue?

We've contacted our support and left message on Friday and they are looking into it this morning.

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I am able to submit support requests via the Hornbill portal but they aren't then appearing as active requests in the system. 

Also having problems sending email from a service request, receiving a 'send failure' message, although emails are being sent but not appearing in the ticket timeline.

I'm rather concerned after the issues we had last Friday.

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Hi @Trevor Tinsley

Thanks for your post. The above issue posted by @Patrick Walker was an isolated event on their instance and wasn't related to last Friday.  In all cases I believe they have been contacted and updated with the reasons behind the reported issues.

I would recommend posting the issues that you are having in a new or separate posts, or if you have a Premier Support Plan you can raise these directly with support via https://www.hornbill.com/support

If a request that has been submitted through the portal is not showing in a request list, this is most often down to visibility rights.  It could just be a matter of it not being assigned to a service or a team.  The 'send failure' may need someone to look at your mailbox rights and email configuration.  



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