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Is there a way to check if a change request has been re-scheduled?


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I was wondering if there was an easy way to check if a change request has been re-scheduled?

I ask because I would like to generate some KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) based on the number of changes that have been re-scheduled, against the total number of changes over a time period. This way we can see if our re-schedule rate is changing over time and therefore make appropriate management decisions.



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Hi @TomW 

Each time a change is added, or removed, or edited from the change schedule it is recorded in the timeline of the change request under update type Schedule

All entries for the timeline on each request are held in the h_buz_activities table.  You could therefore create a report to look at the number of entries of type Schedule in this table.  You will need to include an exclude on this as well, as anytime the change is Unscheduled this is also written as a Schedule action - so be sure to exclude any update text with the word unschedule in it. 


You will need to join the h_itsm_requests table and you can see how to do this, in the following forum post.

In regards to the reassignment metrics, there are some useful examples on our sandbox instance and the following dashboard:


You can currently login to the sandbox link using grahamc and password H0rnbill


Hope this helps


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