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Prevent contacts from commenting on closed requests


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Is there a way to prevent customers from commenting on closed requests and if not, is there a way to automatically re-open the ticket if they do?

Now it's easily missed when a customer comes back and comments (not updates timeline but comments on a previous timeline update) on a closed request through the portal.

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@HHH We have setup for ticket to re-open automatically for any update on the timeline but only for when in resolved status and not for closed status. I would imagine it would be the same method apply to this.

We also had some issues as well with customers commented on the timeline when the ticket is closed and we did not get any notification.

Perhaps something to inform them that they can't comment since it closed and refer to contact agent who dealt with the request or maybe email? To avoid increase of new tickets based on previous closed tickets.

Aaron :ph34r:

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Sure, here the closure stage process that we set up, see below:


As you can see that 2 Stage Closure (5 day expiry) node with decision node. What it does for us is that it would suspend the BPM for 5 working days and if anyone (whether customer or agent like myself) Update the ticket by either email or comment within 5 working days, it would go up and reopen the ticket.

So in your case, you could use that with closed process like above but for closed status however I do not know if it would work though. Let me know if it does.

Hope this helps.

Aaron :ph34r:

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